Ed Big Daddy Roth - Custom Cars & Monsters

Mr. Gasser Drawing
The original Mr. Gasser drawing.

"No one wears blank T-shirts anymore!"
- Ed Roth, from Confessions of a Rat Fink

Mr Gasser Box
Model Kit Box Cover - 1963 original

trade ad

1960s Revell trade ad:
"A Slap-Happy, Car-Happy Custom Monster. Whaaat? 'Mr. Gasser!' From Revell, Created by Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth, head Car Monster Maker of the Sweatshirt set! Now 'Big Daddy's' fantastic creations come alive in plastic model kits designed for Monster Fans and Car Buffs. Your customers will flip when the see Mr. GASSER in his '57 Blown Chevy glaring through his customized eyeballs. How do you customize an eyeball? With the Roth 'eyeball' decals in the kit, of course."

Mr. Gasser Decals
Decal sheet for Mr. Gasser.

Mr. Gasser Model
Constructed and Painted Model of Mr. Gasser.

Mr. Gasser Model
Close Up View of Mr. Gasser.