Ed Big Daddy Roth - Custom Cars & Monsters

work in progress
from Hot Rods by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

outlaw box
Model Kit Box Cover - 2001 re-issue

"Well you can imagine the excitement when I first showed the 'Outlaw.' All the guys had been aced out with one grand swoop. I had everything chrome plated. I took trophy after trophy. Guys were throwin' their hands in the air. How was they gonna beat me? It was really unfair for me to compete & after I got aced out at the Oakland Roadster show (Around 1960) for usin' the new nylon lock nuts and not havin' cotter keys in my ball joints I never again tried to compete for trophies. They are spiritual & I carry them in my heart. I figure my stuff is so whacky it can't be judged anyway. I traded for a T-shirt booth or went for appearance money."
- Ed Roth, from Hot Rods by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

Outlaw Decals
Decal sheet for Outlaw

Outlaw Model
Constructed and Painted Model of Outlaw.

Outlaw Model
Underside of Outlaw Model.

Outlaw Model
Front View of Outlaw Model.