Ed Big Daddy Roth - Custom Cars & Monsters

Ed Roth, 1932 - 2001

High School Pic
High School Days

Hot Rods Cover
Cover of Hot Rods by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth by Ed Roth & Tony Thacker,
1995, Motorbooks International, photo by Bud Lang

Confessions Cover
Cover of Confessions of a Rat Fink: The Live and Times of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth,
by Ed Roth with Howie Kusten, 1992, Topper Books, artwork by Sloane

Models on Shelf
My collection of Roth Models

Ed with monicle
Photo from side flap of Mr. Gasser box

contest ad
from a Revell ad for their 2nd Custom Car Contest

contest winner
Ed Roth poses with Augie Hiscano, a national prize winner in the
2nd Annual Revell-Pactra Custom Car Contest.
From the November, 1964 issue of Model Car Science

Road Agent Ad
from a Revel ad in Model Car Science, November 1964

Ed painting
Photos from side flap of Mr. Gasser box.

Ed Roth Peace
Ed Roth pictured on the back cover of Rat Fink 3-D 1987, The 3-D Zone