Ed Big Daddy Roth - Custom Cars & Monsters

Rat Fink Drawing
The original Rat Fink drawing.

"...Mickey's ancestors would have looked something like 'This!'"
- Ed Roth, from Confessions of a Rat Fink

Rat Fink box
Model Kit Box Cover - 1990 re-issue

trade ad

1960s Revell trade ad:
"Evolution has done it again! From the deepest, darkest, recesses of the 'monster mind' of ED 'BIG DADDY' ROTH comes a new monster... so fantastic... so terrible... so super-stupend-a-colossol, that the very mention of its name staggers the keenest mind and panics the strongest stomach. From the tips of its hairy ears to the gnarled positions of the grotesque extremities, its horrrible impact is scheduled to stun the American public. Next time you look at your model display case... BEWARE... THE BEADY EYES OF RAT FINK MAY BE ON YOU!!!"

Rat Fink Model
Constructed and Painted Model of Rat Fink.

Rat Fink Model
Close Up View of Rat Fink.