Ed Big Daddy Roth - Custom Cars & Monsters

work in progress
from Hot Rods by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

surfite box
Model Kit Box Cover - 1993 re-issue

trade ad

1960s Revell trade ad:
"Here's a unique new idea in specialty cars from the man who really made the Bubble Top famous. It's zany, exciting, and imaginative... and just the kind of car that your customers will really go for. The Surfite rides the crest of the current surfing craze. The Surfite is already pre-sold with a successful publicity campaign to your customers in the top car magazines. Here is a much talked about, eagerly anticipate new concept, different because of the asymetrical design with unique short wheelbase. The Surfite, a sho-and-go car, is complete with Austin 850 Side Winder engine with chrome trim, surfboard, and chrome reverse wheels with rubber-like tires."

Surfite Model
Constructed and Painted Model of Surfite.

Surfite Model
Underside of Surfite Model.

Surfite Model
Front View of Surfite Model.