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Here they are for YOU the FANS!.

Joey Zoot Jimmi Mantra
Joey Skin! - Zootman! - Jimmi Jimmy! - The Mantra!

And here's the inside info on your favorite band, the Transmissions! If there is anything we left out (we can't think of anything, but YOU the FANS might!) go to the Fans page and send in a question. The guys are willing to answer ANYTHING! They LOVE their FANS! YEAH!

Joey Joey Skin: drums and percussion.
Joey says that he'll never buy an album unless it has drums on it. That's because he is focused. Really focused on his drums and on playing his drums and on playing his drums really hard. Joey has been known to break a stick or two during a tour, which really pisses off their manager. But Joey doesn't care, 'cause he is focused on making YOU the FANS happy with the music. Favorite color: Corvette Red. Favorite groove: the drum solo on In-a-gadda-da-vida.

Zoot Zootman: bass.
Zootman doesn't say much because he doesn't have much to say. He has said that he lets his bass guitar do the talking. He has said that if the band ever broke up (NEVER!) he would still play the same music even if he had to play it by himself. He has said that since the time his amp blew up, he can't hear so well either. But he's OK with it because he can still hear the band play and THAT's what's important! Hobbies: Staring at strobe lights at concerts. Favorite groove: Peter Gunn.

Jimmi Jimmi Jimmy: organ.
Jimmi is the intellectual of the band. But that's cool with the other guys 'cause if they want to know what was in a book or movie they can ask Jimmi. His favorite saying is "Transpose or Die!" Jimmi is the one who can figure out the sheet music of the tunes that the band wants to play. He knows music that well. He credits his parents for giving him all those piano lessons when he was a kid. Now he wishes he had taken even MORE than the three years he had! Too Much! Sometimes the other guys think that Jimmi's brain will just burst due to overload! Clothing: Paisley loin cloths. Favorite groove: Green Onions.

Mantra The Mantra: clavitar and piano.
A very mystical dude, The Mantra is always out there somewhere even when he's in the room. He can be quiet for hours at a time but then lay on a rap about the cosmos that can last for five minutes, or LONGER! The fans of the band who have seen them play always notice how The Mantra stares at Zootman during the whole set. Zoot once said that it bugged him, but that was so long ago that everyone knows it's cool and that the groove is what The Mantra must be thinking about. Life's ambition: to continue the search. Favorite groove: Pipeline.

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