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Below are things sent in by THE FANS of the Transmissions. The GREATEST fans in the WORLD!

Whenever possible, the Transmissions answer any questions themselves. If they are on the road or busy rehearsing, their manager fills in for them. But that's cool 'cause he has known the band for a really LONG TIME!

"I was wondering if the band ever played with Alvin Lee, because he's really great and they would like playing with him. Or maybe I'm thinking of Albert Lee."
Eddy H., - Gary, Indiana.

Yeah, we like him too. Could you be thinking of Lee Michaels? Joey saw him play once.

"The Transmissions RULE! All other bands SUCK!"
Susanne V., - Canada.


"When are the Transmissions going to play here?"
Sam N. - (no location given)

Stay tuned 'cause the next time the Transmissions are on the road, all the tour dates will be posted here so you won't miss a thing.

"Are any of the members of the Transmissions not married or going steady or anything?"
Janet R., - Gainesville, Florida.

Not right now. Zootman passed a note asking why you want to know. Write back SOON!

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