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This is a message from our manager.

Hi there to all the fans of the Transmissions. Let me introduce myself. My name is Gary Reeseman (the band calls me "Pieceman," get it?). I wanted to include a picture of myself on this document because this new World Wide Web is supposed to be a visual medium, but the band didn't like any of the ones I had so instead they had me give them a picture of my truck which I use to haul amps around and the band thinks it is neat.

my truck
My truck.

When I think back over the many years I have spent serving this artform we call "The Music Business," there is one band that holds a special place for me in my vault of memories. That band is the Transmissions. I have worked for many kinds of bands over the years, from Country & Western Swing Bands to Slick Dressed-up Nightclub Combos. The stories I could tell. There isn't enough space here, so I won't. But I have to say that I always return to Rock Bands and I always return to the Transmissions. Every time the band has needed my help, I have been there for them. That is the kind of dedicated manager I am.

The band has often come to me for advice on everything from romance troubles (a very touchy subject let me tell you) to career moves. For example, years ago when the Transmissions had a big hit with their tune "Shift It!" and wanted to drop their old songs and do just original material, I had my inner doubts but kept them to myself and said "Go for it!" which is what they wanted to hear. But about three years later what they needed to hear was "Go back to the old tried-and-true material which built your reputation and for which the fans will always love you." They needed to hear that but no one would say it to them because everyone loves them and doesn't want to hurt them. But I knew that someone had to step up to the plate and throw that pass. So I gathered my courage and said it. They took it well in the long term. A couple of years later I started managing them again and we have never looked back.

Over the years many fans of the band have asked me why it is that the Transmissions only do instrumental music. Although I am tempted to joke around and say something like "Obviously you haven't heard them sing," that would not be in the best interest of the band so I don't say that. (Actually I did say it once within earshot of Zootman and he hit me. But in that playful way he has. Love ya, Zoot!) So anyway it is a good question because we have spent many hours discussing that topic. Usually I bring it up in an attempt to give them more career options and better potential record sales. The members of the band are always firm on this subject, however. The Transmissions feel that if they were to sing lyrics it would draw attention away from the music which they have worked so hard to play in the best way possible for the fans. The Mantra always says that for him, words are too "literal" and would only reduce the images and mood set by the music to something less than what it is now. I always end up agreeing with them because I do love their music and I love their dedication to their music and their fans.

So there you are. That is about all I have to say about the greatest band in the land. Thanks for reading this, even though the band says that it will be labeled the "boring" message. I know that you, the fans of the Transmissions will be interested in anything someone has to say about the band. Thanks again. You fans are the greatest fans and we love you very much. Please feel free to send any questions you may have to us from the Fans page at this Site on the "Web" and we will answer them ASAP. Thank you.


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